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While the School of Law celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, the UMKC Law Review is preparing for a similar milestone of its own as the 2021-2022 academic calendar will be the 90th year of its publication. To honor the occasion, the current editorial board and our successors will be recognizing the achievements of past editors and staff members, highlighting significant articles, and re-engaging our alumni with current students.

Below you can already view a growing list of past boards and staff members by year, and the first of our recurring features on how the Law Review wrote about contemporary legal issues and news in the past.

Although much of our outreach this year will be digital, we hope that our 90th year of publication acts as an opportunity to highlight the Law Review’s past and continued impact on the legal community, locally and nationwide. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the school year regardless of whether you were a staff member or not, and will consider re-connecting with us if you were.

Law Review Merchandise Fundraiser
Support current and future board efforts to host alumni events, develop new staff, and enhance community presence by purchasing Law Review merchandise for the home, office, or home office! New merchandise coming soon!

Then & Now
The UMKC Law Review takes a look back at its writings on issues of the past that are still prevalent today.

Meet Current & Past Boards
Jog your memory of law school classmates and advisors through the list of UMKC Law Review editorial boards over time.

Upcoming Events
Stay tuned for updates on celebrating our 90th year and how to engage with current board and staff members!

Please feel free to reach out to our Development Editor, Kait Turner, at anytime to share ideas about Law Review alumni connections, memories you want to share, or just to say hi.

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