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The UMKC Law Review organizes symposiums on a large variety of complex issues and topics in the legal profession. For these symposiums, we invite authors that specialize in the particular subject that the symposium covers, collecting and publishing scholarly articles from specialists in their respective fields. Below, you can find past symposiums hosted by the UMKC Law Review.


Prior Symposia


  • Timothy E. Lynch, Military Veterans and the Law


  • Margaret Reuter, Professional Identity Formation and Its Pedagogy
  • Ryan C. Hudson, Rex Sharp, and Nancy Levit, Multidistrict Litigation: Judicial and Practitioner Perspectives


  • Anthony Luppino, Organizational and Transactional Structures for Social Entrepreneurship


  • Irma Russell, Unprecedented: Deregulation, Executive Power, and Endangerment of the Rule of Law
  • Del Wright Jr., Blockchain, Cryptoassets, and the Law


  • Judge Stephen Bough, Criminal Sentencing Reform
  • Irma Russell, The Bryan Cave/Edward A. Smith Symposium: The Green Economy
  • Nancy Levit, The Southeastern Association of Law Schools Symposium: Seventieth Anniversary Stories


  • Michael J. Robak, The Responsive Cities Symposium: The Age of Smart City Begins at the Intersection of Privacy, the Gig Economy, Big Data, Smart Citizens and the Rise of the Internet of Things: Some Essays on the Issues, Directions, and Implications for Going Forward
  • Jamila Jefferson Jones, Race and Police Power


  • Nancy Levit, After Obergefell: The Next Generation of LGBT Rights Litigation


  • Anthony Luppino and Ellen Suni, Entrepreneurial Lawyering: Solo and Small Firm Training, Law School, Post-Graduate Incubators, and Residency Programs
  • Sean D. O’Brien and Kenneth Furguson, Traumatic Brain Injury and the Law


  • Mary Kay Kisthardt, Mental Health, Psychology, and the Law
  • Timothy Lynch, China Symposium


  • Daniel Weddle and Allen Rostron, Gathering at the Schoolhouse Gate: Forty Years of Landmark School Speech Cases Through the Eyes of Those Who Were There


  • Ann Marie Marciarile, The Next Four Years: A Cross-Practice Analysis of Legal Issues Relevant to this Presidential Term
  • Timothy Lynch, FCIC Symposium: FCIC and the Crisis: Preventing the Next Financial Meltdown
  • Christopher M. Holman, IP and Technology Transfer Symposium: Fueling Innovation: Hot Topics in Patent Law and Policy


  • Kris W. Kobach and Mira Mdivani, The Way Forward in Immigration


  • June Carbone, Global Issues In Family Law Symposium
  • David Achtenberg, Symposium on Enforcing Constitutional Rights in the Twenty-First Century


  • Sean O’Brien, Death Penalty Stories
  • Anthony Luppino, Symposium: Law, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Recovery


  • Kenneth D. Ferguson, Sports Law Symposium: Emerging Legal Issues Affecting Amateur & Professional Athletes
  • June Carbone, Red State v. Blue State: The Judicial Role in an Era of Partisanship


  • Barbara Glesner Fines, Ethics of Family Representation
  • Christopher M. Holman, Proteins, Patents, and Progress: The Interface of Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Law


  • Robert H. Klonoff, Class Action Symposium: The Twentieth Anniversary of Phillips Petroleum Co. V. Shutts


  • Allen Rostron, Armed Standoff: The Impasse in Gun Legislation and Litigation


  • Ellen Suni and Julie Cheslik, Dismantling Hierarchies in Legal Education


  • Barbara Glesner Fines, Symposium on Innovations in Pro Bono Practice


  • Ellen Suni, Wrongful Convictions: Issues of Science, Evidence, and Innocence
  • Nancy Levit, Theorizing the Connections Among Systems of Subordination


  • John Q. LaFord, Preventing Intimate Violence: Have Law and Public Policy Failed?
  • John Q. LaFord, Famous Trials Symposium


  • Edward P. Richards, Health Law Symposium
  • Sean O’Brien, Criminal Law Symposium


  • Nancy Levit and Robert C. Downs, Academic Evaluations Focus
  • Edwin T. Hood and Robert C. Downs, Business and the Law Focus


  • Jeffrey E. Thomas, Missouri Focus


  • William G. Eckhardt, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Gays in the Military
  • Barbara Glesner Fines, Missouri Focus

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