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Prior Symposia



  • Irma Russell, Unprecedented: Deregulation, Executive Power, and Endangerment of the Rule of Law
  • Del Wright Jr., Blockchain, Cryptoassets, and the Law


  • Judge Stephen Bough, Criminal Sentencing Reform
  • Irma Russell, The Bryan Cave/Edward A. Smith Symposium: The Green Economy 
  • Nancy Levit, The Southeastern Association of Law Schools Symposium: Seventieth Anniversary Stories 


  • Michael J. Robak, The Responsive Cities Symposium: The Age of Smart City Begins at the Intersection of Privacy, the Gig Economy, Big Data, Smart Citizens and the Rise of the Internet of Things: Some Essays on the Issues, Directions, and Implications for Going Forward
  • Jamila Jefferson Jones, Race and Police Power 


  • Nancy Levit, After Obergefell: The Next Generation of LGBT Rights Litigation 


  • Anthony Luppino and Ellen Suni, Entrepreneurial Lawyering: Solo and Small Firm Training, Law School, Post-Graduate Incubators, and Residency Programs 
  • Sean D. O’Brien and Kenneth Furguson, Traumatic Brain Injury and the Law 


  • Mary Kay Kisthardt, Mental Health, Psychology, and the Law 
  • Timothy Lynch, China Symposium 


  • Daniel Weddle and Allen Rostron, Gathering at the Schoolhouse Gate: Forty Years of Landmark School Speech Cases Through the Eyes of Those Who Were There


  • Ann Marie Marciarile, The Next Four Years: A Cross-Practice Analysis of Legal Issues Relevant to this Presidential Term
  • Timothy Lynch, FCIC Symposium: FCIC and the Crisis: Preventing the Next Financial Meltdown
  • Christopher M. Holman, IP and Technology Transfer Symposium: Fueling Innovation: Hot Topics in Patent Law and Policy


  • Kris W. Kobach and Mira Mdivani, The Way Forward in Immigration


  • June Carbone, Global Issues In Family Law Symposium 
  • David Achtenberg, Symposium on Enforcing Constitutional Rights in the Twenty-First Century 


  • Sean O’Brien, Death Penalty Stories
  • Anthony Luppino, Symposium: Law, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Recovery


  • Kenneth D. Ferguson, Sports Law Symposium: Emerging Legal Issues Affecting Amateur & Professional Athletes 
  • June Carbone, Red State v. Blue State: The Judicial Role in an Era of Partisanship 


  • Barbara Glesner Fines, Ethics of Family Representation
  • Christopher M. Holman, Proteins, Patents, and Progress: The Interface of Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Law 


  • Robert H. Klonoff, Class Action Symposium: The Twentieth Anniversary of Phillips Petroleum Co. V. Shutts 


  • Allen Rostron, Armed Standoff: The Impasse in Gun Legislation and Litigation 


  • Ellen Suni and Julie Cheslik, Dismantling Hierarchies in Legal Education


  • Barbara Glesner Fines, Symposium on Innovations in Pro Bono Practice 


  • Ellen Suni, Wrongful Convictions: Issues of Science, Evidence, and Innocence 
  • Nancy Levit, Theorizing the Connections Among Systems of Subordination 


  • John Q. LaFord, Preventing Intimate Violence: Have Law and Public Policy Failed?
  • John Q. LaFord, Famous Trials Symposium 


  • Edward P. Richards, Health Law Symposium
  • Sean O’Brien, Criminal Law Symposium 


  • Nancy Levit and Robert C. Downs, Academic Evaluations Focus
  • Edwin T. Hood and Robert C. Downs, Business and the Law Focus


  • Jeffrey E. Thomas, Missouri Focus 


  • William G. Eckhardt, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Gays in the Military
  • Barbara Glesner Fines, Missouri Focus 

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