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Blockchain Symposium


            The UMKC Law Review is excited to share the work of legal scholars that explore the legal and regulatory issues involved in blockchain technologies. Blockchain technologies have the potential to redefine the way lawyers draft contracts, record commercial transactions, and verify legal documents. As a direct result of the technology’s potential, investments in blockchain technology surged over the past year, inviting both legitimate businesses and modern-day scammers. To date, policymakers have yet to construct safeguards to protect the public without suppressing innovation. As a result, this creates a unique opportunity for legal scholars to help shape policy for the future. This symposium is the first issue of UMKC Law Review’s 88th volume, and it explores these topics with the goal of both advancing awareness and influencing public policy. 



These articles are drafts and are provided for information only. The information contained in these articles are subject to change upon further review by the authors and the UMKC Law Review.

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