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CALL FOR PAPERS: U.S. Military Veteran Legal Issues

The UMKC Law Review Presents


U.S. Military Veteran Legal Issues

The UMKC Law Review is pleased to announce a call for papers relating to United States military veteran legal issues. Selected papers will be published in the second issue of the UMKC Law Review’s 90th volume.

This symposium invites submissions for papers exploring the legal needs, issues, and challenges of the veteran community. As of 2018, eighteen million veterans live in the United States, of which, five million have a disability, 1.2 million live in poverty, twenty-three percent between age eighteen and sixty-four are unemployed and over thirty-seven thousand are homeless.[1] Upon discharge from the military, veterans must transition from living and working in the military to fully integrating into the civilian world.[2] At a minimum, this means veterans must heal their physical and psychological wounds, find adequate housing, maintain healthy familial relationships, access necessary healthcare, and secure stable civilian employment.[3] Although these needs are almost always wrought with legal complexities, veterans are often miscategorized and misunderstood by the legal community.[4] This symposium seeks to understand and address these legal issues of the veteran community which include, but are not limited to, veteran homelessness, veteran treatment courts, due process procedures within the Veteran’s Administration, preferential hiring of veterans, evidentiary burdens in military sexual trauma cases and class-action lawsuits for service-connected injuries, deportation of veterans, access to healthcare and compensation for disabled veterans, trauma-informed lawyering, etc.

Articles and essays of all lengths and papers by single authors or multiple authors are invited. Preference will be given to works between 5,000 and 25,000 words. To be accepted for publication, articles must not have been previously published. Papers are due July 1, 2021.

Proposals for papers should be submitted by June 1, 2021, to the attention of Bethany Bleil (, Burcu Erbaz (, Remington Williams ( and Professor Timothy Lynch ( Proposals should include the following: name, title, contact information of author, title of paper, anticipated length of article or essay, and an abstract or brief description of the topic.

Questions may be addressed to Bethany Bleil (


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