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Mission Statement

The primary goal of De Jure, the online platform of the UMKC Law Review, is to provide an online source for attorneys, judges, professors and current Law Review members, to access up-to-date responses, reflections and analysis of topics that change and evolve faster than the speed of print. We welcome submissions that adhere to our online parameters for publication and which are of the highest quality.

A secondary goal of the online journal is to be a local publishing avenue for alumni and other attorneys practicing in the Kansas City area, and for judges and our faculty who often publish in bar journals and other legal publications. We trust that local attorneys, and especially our alumni, will have a special connection to the journal so we offer UMKC School of Law alumni a priority review.*

We hope that you enjoy reading the original thoughts, responses and ruminations of your friends and colleagues as they contemplate the evolving law under which we live and how we might contribute to its path.

*Please see De Jure submission information.

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