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Volume 4

Table of Contents:

“Comparative Adoption Approaches of Missouri and Kansas: Termination of Parental Rights and Equitable Adoptions” by Najmeh Mahmoudjafari

“A Comparison of Kansas and Missouri Health Care Grievance Procedures, and the Need for a Unified Process at the Federal Level” by Zhiyuan Liao

“The Central Tibetan Administration: Legal State or Mere Organization” by Jennifer Tuel

“Affirmative Action and the Struggle Against Systematic Oppression: How Race-Based Admissions are not a Threat to America” by Linda Adeniji

“No Fault Means No Benefits: ‘Misconduct’ as Defined by Missouri’s Employment Security Law” by Zachary Cloutier

“Dukes of Hazard: Rule 23(a)(2) Commonality Post Wal-Mart v. Dukes” by Padraic Corcoran

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