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Volume 2

Table of Contents:

“The Difference Between Right and Wrong: How Missouri and Kansas Approach the Insanity Defense” by Greg Doty

“Advancement of Legal Expenses to Corporate Executives Under Missouri and Other Jurisdictions’ Law” by Andrew Duncan

“Middle Ground in a Border War: Different Treatment of Juveniles in Missouri and Kansas” by Brandi L. Kellam

“Border Showdown: Why Kansas Should Reform its Punitive Damages Statute to Even the Playing Field with Missouri” by Sarah Lintecum

“Another Kansas City Border War: Why Eighth Circuit Law Regarding Selective Waiver of Attorney Client Privilege for Corporate Compliance in Government Investigations Trumps Tenth Circuit Law” by Caroline M. Zuschek

“Options for Employment Law Claims in Missouri and Kansas Courts” by Amy Quinn

“Comparing Missouri’s Merchandising Practices with the Kansas Consumer Protection Act: A Look at These Laws’ Practical Applicability in Private Civil Actions” by Charles Maxwell Simpson

“Building Accord between Museums and Tribes: NAGPRA in Practice” by Jim Breckenridge

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